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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 25, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> bret: bring out the keyboard here. by the way, can you follow me on twitter at underscore baier. that's it for this "special report," fair, february 24th, 2. hello, mr. bill. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" from l.a. is on. tonight: >> every once in a while you got to get out of the streets and get a little bloody when necessary. >> intense union debate throughout the country. but in wisconsin, the democratic senators will not come back to the state to vote. laura ingraham and caroline heldman will way in. >> we are not scared of any rats or cowards. we are going to stand strong. >> the dictator qaddafi has now
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lost control of libya. he will be deposed soon but will president obama have him arrested as terrorist? we will debate that? >> my kid is not here. is he dead because of him. he ruined my [bleep] life. >> a corrupt judge accused by a mother of murder. wait until you hear. this i would like him to go to hell and rot there forever. >> megyn kelly with the story. >> bill: caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone from l.a. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ reporting tonight from southern california, thanks for watching us. president obama taking a big hit in the leadership department. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. new rasmussen poll says that president obama's leadership status is at its lowest level since he took office in january of 2009.
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the national survey says just 37% of likely voters now say mr. obama is doing a good or excellent job as a leader. 40% rate his performance as poor in the leadership department. that's down 7 points in just one month. now, there are two things in play. the union brawl in wisconsin, and the turbulence in the arab world. as far as wisconsin is concerned the democratic party in general has taken a big hit because the situation remains chaotic. and democrats in the wisconsin senate have fled the state so there can't be a vote. that does not reflect well on the democratic party. what would happen if that occurred in every state? nothing would get voted on we would have chaos. president obamas that not said anything about the flight and that could be hurting him. then there is the middle east where the president has kept a very low profile. he has slow to condemn mumbarak in egypt and not speaking out against qaddafi. again, measures want strong leadership and they don't see it here. to be fair to the president, mumbarak helped the u.s.a. for many years and recently qaddafi
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did the same thing regarding the war on terror. but, talking points believes mr. obama is missing the big picture on qaddafi. on december 21st, 19 will 8, 18 the members and 81 other people killed when a bomb blew up pam am flight 103 over lockerbie, scotland. that terror act has been traced back to libya. just this week one of qaddafi's own cabinet members said the dictator ordered the bombing. in 1986 president reagan bombed libya in response to another terror attack, this one in berlin, germany. u.s. authorities again saying qaddafi was behind it. so, qaddafi has got to be arrested by either u.s. authorities or interpol. the guy is a terrorist. i mean we arrested saddam hussein and the iraqis executed him. president obama should be demanding, demanding that qaddafi be turned over to us. and then he needs to go to quawb guantanamo bay with the other terrorists. that would be leadership. or am i wrong? there comes a point when the most powerful man in the world,
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the president, must make a statement. qaddafi has to go on trial for the lockerbie bombing, period. and he has to get out of libya now. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction. joining us from my new york studio dan conaway. victims of the lockerbie bombing. mr. flynn's brother was killed in those attacks. how do you see this? >> gitmo would be too good for qaddafi. i also think your point about libya helping the united states, libya has never done anything to help the united states i think there is no moral ambiguity here. obama libyan people. speak out more forcefully. you said it earlier to be fair there may have been a risk to the lives of americans that are still in libya today. i think right now qaddafi i have been saying for 20 years that qaddafi should be tried and convicted here in the united
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states. not in some international court and definitely not in england. >> bill: why do you think the president aside from the american presence in libya isn't more forceful against qaddafi and mumbarak in egypt. >> i think qaddafi -- mumbarak may be more complications. qaddafi is a clean cut situation. qaddafi is more like my lois very much or osama bin laden. he has been frozen to be behind the murder of american citizens. he attacked an american plane. you can't say about the same about mumbarak. you can't each say the same about saddam hussein. this is a guy who is a clear-cut enemy of the united states. what he should come out and say right now is to the people of libya that qaddafi is an enemy of the united states and we support you in your efforts. to give them some of the momentum that they may need right now during these desperate times. >> bill: even knowing the americans, you know, you have to start to step up. now, mr. conaway i would like to
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see the americans get this guy first. i don't mind if he is tried after we take care of him. but it was american jet liner that was blown up. then if we convict him of that and then they want to take him to do the berlin bombing or whatever, i don't mind that. but, you know, i think the u.s.a. has to start to say you got to get out of there now. we want him. i would even think about sending the special forces in to get him at this point. >> well, and bill, i think you have got a great point. i think that mr. flynn makes an excellent point in that there is absolutely every reason why he can be extradited to the united states and tried here for the lockerbie bombing. he can tried under two principles here. the passive personality principle which means if an american is arrested -- or rather if an american is injured overseas then the person who injured him in this case qaddafi can be brought here for trial. the other one is the jurisdiction if a rhyme is so heinous to be an act against humanity and universally recognized then any country can
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try him. in this case obviously we have the moral grounds. i think on the other side there are good arguments for international prosecution. >> bill: let's hold that thought for a moment. the problem with international prosecution is it's kind of chaotic. you have to develop the world core. my mill lois ventricle was there for years they never got around him because he was dead. at this point the united states has jurisdiction in the sense that the war on terror, we grab guys all the time, all over the world. okay? yeah, qaddafi is not al qaeda and i have to correct you, mr. flynn. qaddafi did help us against al divide. -- al divide. he -- al al qaeda. >> they are all tears. so, mr. conaway, we have the legal right to grab this man,
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correct? >> we do. and so, you know, there are excellent reasons. we clearly have jurisdiction. the international argue. is straightforward, too. that is that this person has committed terrible crimes. they are clearly terrorist acts. there are crimes against humanity. and, therefore, he can be prosecuted anywhere under the universalist principle. >> bill: i got it here is the rub. qaddafi knows -- qaddafi isn't like mumbarak. nobody is going to bother mumbarak, i don't think. mumbarak is down some place. he has got his money stashed somewhere. the world will probably forget him like he had did e.d. emean. he is probably going to hang on in libya as long as he can hundreds of more people maybe thousands will die because he knows he has got nowhere to go. that's a pretty good argument for international team for going to in and grabbing them. going in and getting him right now. >> there is a precedent in this case. let's be clear megrahi was
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indicted by a federal u.s. grand jury on 193 counts. there is a precedent to go after him. i like your spirit. i always do. we should take whatever actions necessary to go after qaddafi. i have been saying this for 20 years. unfortunately it's been falling on deaf ears through four presidents. >> bill: i know that carmen is an interesting thing. it takes a long time are unfortunately. right now president obama will be wise i'm going to keep calling for this. we are not going to stop. go after him. he is done. if he does more doo that more momentum and armed forces will turn against president obama. as soon as president obama says he is done, we want him right now, that's it for qaddafi. mr. conaway real quick, last word. >> great argument for international prosecution two because of crimes against humanity and because is he murdering and slaughtering his own civilians right now in his own country. >> bill: let's u.s.a. take the lead here and help us in the
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arab world too. they hate him so let's get him. >> agreed. >> bill: next on the run down laura ingraham on what she would do if she were the governor of wisconsin right now. later, megyn kelly on pay back for former kansas attorney general phill cline who went after the late term abortionist george tiller. those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight another new rasmussen poll says 67% of americans disprove of the democratic senators in wisconsin fleeing that state. no surprise there. that undermines democracy. so, what should governor walker do now? joining us from washington. fox news laura ingraham. you are the governor now laura. what do you do to break this impasse they don't look like they are going back. >> they are the curvey slide at the best western in illinois. february 25th is the drop dead date where they need to do the refinancing for the rest of the year on the debt that they owe in the state. has to be done by the 25th. they are not coming back. you are right. i think the governor has no choice but to move forward on the policies that he campaigned on and that's going to require, sadly, because the go. can't proceed without the democrats, to start laying off state workers. and this can be a temporary measure, bill. it doesn't have to be a permanent.
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we would hope it wouldn't be permanent. if these are essential employees. but something is going to happen here. this little bargaining through the media as interesting as it is for you and me, it can't continue for the state of wisconsin. 70 to 0% of all public employees costs to the state of wisconsin goes to personnel costs. okay? that's a big figure. the governor is right to move the way he is moving. >> bill: so you would say, all right, if you don't come back democratic senators, and they really have to come back tomorrow, and we have a couple of democratic senators lined up for the factor tomorrow, by the way. >> good from undisclosed location? >> we have them lined up so we'll see. you say look, if you don't come back, you are forcing me to lay off state workers. now the layoffs wouldn't take effect until july. as you said, they could be rescinded. >> yeah. >> bill: if reason prevails. i think that's probably what walker is going to have to do. >> i think what he is going to
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do bill. >> he has laid the narrative pretty well over the last week or so. can he do a few things to make it more about true reform in the state and not just about the money because if it's about the money, you can say well it's about the money. >> bill: the issue has already been settled. the issue about money has already been settled. >> whole future of the state. >> bill: collective bargaining now. here is an interesting deal. our pal dick morris, did you know he has a web site dick >> i heard that. he has a new book out, too. >> bill: he now has a new book out tuesday. >> coming on my show, yeah. >> bill: he has a new polling operation. dick morris polling. he polled wisconsin because the press there isn't polling in wisconsin. which is stunning. there is not one single media poll out of wisconsin. so, morris has a new polling outfit. this is pretty interesting. on the issue of limiting collective bargaining, to just wage and benefit issues, the people of wisconsin break with governor walker opposing that
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54-41. now, in all of the other givebacks, morris found that the majority of wisconsin citizens support the governor but not on banishing collective bargaining. and it's pretty big. 54-41. >> is he not banishing, right. >> bill: that gives the democrats some hope. >> i think it does. but i think he has made the case, look, we have to decouple these things. right? you can collective bargain on wages. you can do that. but, what's killing us in the future, and he is talking about long-term solve ventricle is i to try to say this state. forget saving the teachers about the whole state in the future of the public education in the state. in order to do that we have to separate these issues. he is right about that. and i think he is right to say look, i am not -- i don't want to stop all collective bargaining, that's what chris christie has done brilliantly in new jersey. chris christie said everybody needs to take a hair cut here. the unions need to take a trim. everybody else in the private sector we are all going to have
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to pavement scott walker can do a better job. >> bill: if you believe the morris poll. >> 480 people? >> bill: what? >> it's about 480 people i think in the poll that i saw. it's not insignificant but i'm not sure that's the be all end all. >> bill: polls are subject to belief or disbelief. according to this poll walker has not won the hearts and minds of his citizens in limiting collective bargaining. he has not. >> he won the election, campaigning on it. >> bill: everything else he won, is he winning but not in this. >> governing by polls is also quite difficult as you said it's difficult to measure. do you know anyone who answers their home phone to even do a poll? they are fascinating until you realize that he campaigned on this very point to restore fiscal order, and sanity to the state. you cannot do that. >> bill: he did not campaign on limiting collective bargaining. he did on fiscal responsibility. >> right. >> bill: ohio governor john kasich made a very good case last night but he didn't campaign on collective
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bargaining, he did not. >> no. he campaigned on using every tool at his disposal to try to save his state from dire consequences of massive layoffs, huge cutbacks in public education, other public programs. and he is doing that and it's not popular in all corners, people say why can't we have this, that, and the other thing? guess what they can throw him out of office in few years if they don't like what he does. i think he has the upper hand, more importantly than anything i think he is doing what you have to do to save the state in the future. i want wisconsin to be around. >> bill: both laura and i agree both the governor is going to have to lay off state workers. >> 1500, bill. >> bill: might be more than that all right, laura, thanks very much. we appreciate it directly ahead a liberal will reply to miss laura. and then megyn kelly on president obama saying the defense of marriage act is unconstitutional. whoa. coming right up.
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>> bill: continuing now with the impact segment, what should governor walker do in wisconsin now that he can't get a vote on the union situation because the democratic senators have fled the state? with us here in l.a. dr. caroline heldman teaches political science at objection dental college. let me give you the rest of the dick morris polling. again, we are just stunned that no media operation, television or newspaper in the state of wisconsin has polled, nobody. that is really suspicious. so morris polls. 74-18, wisconsin citizens back making state employees pay more for health insurance. 79-16 pay more toward their pension. 54-34, they support ending automatic deduction of union
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dues. 66-30 back limiting state workers pay increases to the rate of inflation. that's just bloody for liberals because wisconsin is a liberal state. that's just bloody. walker wins on all of those huge. the only thing he doesn't win, as i pointed out to miss laura is on the banishing collective bargaining deal. and you say. >> well, i say that's actually what this is all about though. those specific points and i will have to call him tricky dick morris. this poll looks at things to be negotiated not the basic question of whether or not you can negotiate and that's collective bargaining. that's not what this is about. this is smoke? and mirrors. look at those numbers 62% of the people in the state support it 61% of the american public support it and walker's numbers are plummeting. >> bill: unless you are very, very antiunion, and there is 33, 40% of antiunion cautious will throwing out protections for
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workers, they are no doubt about it. >> at this point, i know kasich the governor of ohio on last night. they make excellent points, they say, look, we don't have any more money, okay? we can't do this anymore. public service unions are going to hold us hostage teachers, firefighters, this and that and a lot of the states are exempting wisconsin firefighters and cops are exempted from all of this. okay. we can't operate. and the towns can't operate anymore. so there it becomes a urgency issue and theory goes flying right out the window. they don't have the money. >> bill, i would say a couple of things in response to that one, the middle class did not get us into this problem. this is a revenue issue. >> bill: it doesn't matter. >> it does matter because if you are then going to go after them to solve a problem that they didn't cause, that doesn't make sense. walker has actually -- he has actually added to the deficit with $130 million in corporate tax breaks. >> bill: he has to do that to attract jobs to his state. >> not at all. the issue right now is that companies are stockpiling money.
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they are not hiring because they don't have the resources or incentive to hire. >> bill: kasich comes on and says to the american country last night we lost 600,000 jobs in ohio. we have to give companies incentives to come here like places and florida or we will never be able to compete. they can't compete in michigan. they can't compete in wisconsin. and you are saying that's right. you raise taxes on business. the business is going to leave. >> well, bill, that's not what's happening, what's happening is nationally we have an issue with joblessness, why do we have this issue? because middle class wages have stayed stagnant. we don't have demand. companies are stockpiling money. they have over $2 trillion. stockpiling what and i wish they wouldn't. you are saying that ohio didn't lose 600,000 jobs? >> no. i'm saying every state is losing it and for ohio to assume they are going to be competing with other states it's disenginous argument. >> bill: right to work states have much lower level of
5:26 am
unemployment than the union states do, come on, you know. this business is going where the business climate is better. >> bill, businesses across the united states are not hiring. the reason they are not hiring is because there isn't demand. there is too much slack in the system. why is that the case? because middle class wages have stayed stagnant. we're having a jobless recovery because we are abusing the middle clas. and if we really want to get out of this and look long-term and if the governor walker wants to be honest about that he is going to have to protect the middle class in his state. he, again, passed $130 million in corporate tax breaks and add the to deaf sit. >> bill: that's because he wants the corporations to come there and provide jobs. i don't get why you are not seeing that. do you want corporations to come you have to provide incentives for them to come. >> corporations are not not hiring because they don't have money to hire. >> bill: the state, caroline. they are leaving the rust belt states. they going to the right-to-work states. that's happening. >> bill, that trend, the trend that you are talking about a s. a minor trend.
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>> bill: minor trend. >> minor trend when you look at the national trend of what's causing joblessness in the nation. >> bill: philosophical difference but i'm going on the numbers. all right, caroline, thanks as always. good debate. from l.a., megyn kelly has plenty in her file tonight as obama says the defense of marriage act is unconstitutional. and, will the former lose his
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>> bill: kellifyingment sentiment tonight. president obama and attorney general eric holder have announced they will no longer defend in court the defense of marriage act. signed by president clinton in 1996. the obama administration saying the act is unconstitutional. however, however, president obama still says he opposes gay marriage. at least up until 10 minutes
5:31 am
ago. it's evolving. here now attorney and fox news anchor megyn kelly. i don't want to be cynical about this but it does look like the president is playing politics with the issue yoong lot of people understand the defense of marriage act does hurt homosexuals in some areas, correct? >> definitely, it does. it defines marriage as between a man and a woman, at least at the federal level it basically protects the rights of states that don't have gay marriage to not recognize a gay marriage out of massachusetts. they claim it is unconstitutional under the protection clause. president obama came out and said he believes that marriage is between a man and woman. this statute says marriage is between a man and a woman. now he has come out and said he believes this statute is unconstitutional and his attorney general says i'm not going to enforce -- i'm to not going to defend it at the executive level but not defend it in court.
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>> bill: not repiewgd his belief marriage is between a man and a woman. >> correct. >> bill: if you are married in massachusetts or other states that recognize gay marriage, you still can't file a joint tax return to the federal government you have to file joint there that costs you marriage. >> president obama will continue to enforce it at the executive level. >> bill: defense of marriage act means it's harder financially for homosexuals to couple up, partner up social security stuff. and there is other things as well. so there is a practical side to this. beside the i'd long call side. >> not just that, bill, there are actually people who believe that this act is outdated. it's antiquated and it should be repealed because it does deny gays equal protection. but, normally when you feel that way, you have to go through the legislative process again. this act was duly enacted by a republican congressman and signed by democratic president. normally you go back to this current congress and say let's
5:33 am
repeal this and president obama would say and i will gladly sign off on that repeal. >> bill: that's impossible. >> president obama knows he can't get through it. >> bill: that's impossible now with the house being primarily -- never going to get that. >> democrats don't support that. >> bill: anyway, what you have now it looks like is a political play. that the president is losing popularity recited the poll. i have got to galvanize left wing base. >> that's what folks are charging. as a lawyer, can i tell you it's extraordinary. it's not unprecedented. it has been done before by presidents. but very rare. and essentially. >> bill: declares like we don't think the law is constitutional. >> bill, let me posit this to you. we go to 2012. a republican beats president obama and takes office in the white house and he says to himself or she to herself, i think the health care law is unconstitutional. i just don't -- i just don't believe it's constitutional. and i am going to instruct the
5:34 am
new attorney general not to defend that law anymore in court. what effect would that have on the judicial proceedings? do you think that would help or hurt the law? there is a reason that the department of justice is charged with defending the federal statutes. you can't have it shifting. these laws shifting based on the political whims that come into the white house. >> bill: that's exactly what's going on. that's why people should pay attention to this and it will be interesting to see what happens. they did find a way, because they are still upholding the law, they just believe it's not constitutional. >> going to enforce it but not going to defend it. >> bill: very troubling case in pennsylvania. couple of judges found guilty of corruption for sentencing minor to intars ration in private prisons and then getting kick backs from the prisons. one of those was a 17-year-old boy who then committed suicide a few years later. his mother confronted the judge who sentenced the boy. here is what happened, bill. >> my kid is not here.
5:35 am
he is dead because of him! he ruined my [bleep] life. i would like him to go to hell and rot there forever. >> ma'am, come on. >> you know what he told everybody in court? they need to be held accountable for their actions. you need to be. do you remember me? do you remember me? do you remember my son? it all star wrestler, he is gone. he stabbed himself in the heart. you scum bag. >> bill: that judge is going to jail, right? >> yeah, he has just been found guilty of racketeering in not unlated but a different case. he has been basically -- like you said, the allegation was that the county, his county, you know, would pay these facilities that house the juvies, and then that facility would pay this judge. so the more juvies you send our way, the more money we give you got a million bucks. he was convicted of racketeering. the families of all these juvies who got sentenced by this guy they have a separate class action lawsuit against him which has yet to be resolved.
5:36 am
>> bill: he gave very harsh citizens. i think that mother is a hero. what that mother did is heroic. >> who could blame her for her anger. i don't know legally whether she will prevail in her lawsuit. >> bill: for me, far beyond not blaming her. i think she is a hero. i think that that guy got exactly what he should have gotten from that mother. her son committed suicide. he put that son up. and he got money. >> never been in trouble before. he had a minor possession on drug paraphernalia. all-star wrestler. >> bill: if it would me i would have done something physical to the guy. >> remorseless so far. he feel no, sir remorse for what he did. >> bill: do we know what he got? has he been sentenced yet. >> even though he could go to jail for 100 years, they are predicting between 12 and 15. >> bill: miss megyn will be back in a moment with the former federal judge of kansas for his prosecution of the late term abortion doctor george tiller who was assistanted. that's next. of retirement questions.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly reporting tonight from southern california. we continue with the kelly file. you may remember that a late term abortion doctor in kansas george tiller was charged with 19 misdemeanors in a 2007 case put together by former kansas attorney general phill cline. tiller was equited. they were so disturbed by the case that it launched an investigation after the court decision. however, in may of 2008, dr. tiller was murdered in a horrifying crime. now, the board that oversees all attorneys in kansas is trying to revoke mr. cline's law license citing that case. joining us again from new york megyn kelly. so everybody is clear how intense the case is we interviewed a woman named kelly who got pregnant at age 13 in cans.
5:41 am
she -- kansas. she had her fetus aborted by dr. tiller when she was five weeks pregnant. >> it was a five day process. when i first went in they have counseling that they offer. group counseling with other women going through the same thing. and during the five days, they insert expandable whatever into the cervix to slowly dilate you through the five day process. and about the third or fourth day, the dr. tiller came in and injected into the am knee on am none nick sack sail lien solution which suffocated and burned my baby to death. >> bill: i understand that phill cline has sworn in front of this association that there were hundreds of cases like that young woman. is that true? >> that's what he claims. he revealed in front of this panel that is investigating him now, the former attorney general that he found 166 instances where girls 14 years old or
5:42 am
younger got abortions and plant parenthood or tiller only reported one case of child rain during that time. i guess it was planned parenthood reported one case of child rape during that time. >> bill: tiller reported one and planned parenthood reported one out of 166 cases. >> bill: planned parenthood and dr. tiller did work in concert. klein is basically saying, look, there was a loophole in the law here. and can you explain that in a moment. but very few of these cases involving 13, 14-year-old girls were reported to state authorities, and that's a crime. and you say? >> i do think that where you have sex with an underaged person, meaning under 16 in kansas, it's a crime. the question is whether not reporting that was a crime by the abortion clinics. by planned parenthood or tiller. two separate issues. if a girl comes into you if you are planned parenthood under the
5:43 am
age of 16 in kansas and pregnant. a crime has been committed because the age of consent is 16. and it's considered statutory rape, basically. so you could charge that person's lover with a crime. okay? but that doesn't answer the question about whether planned parenthood has to go report the fact that this girl has been abused to the state that according to phill cline did need to be reported. hits opponents and folks like planned parenthood says no it doesn't. you are going to compromise the privacy of the doctor patient relationship. let me finish the point. this is important. they said we only need to go report it to the state if physical harm -- if harm has occurred to the young girl. phill cline said what you are talking about harm? she has been statutorily raped wound up raped and now getting abortion. harmed? medical provider says that's not the way it works. that term harmed has a special meaning as between assessment by a doctor of a patient and they
5:44 am
were found to be correct by a federal judge in 2006. >> bill: interpretation of the law, it seems strained. 166 cases report of harm two out of 166. >> why you are even more right, even that judge who said yeah, you have got to prove the special harm, right, because they have to report. we all agree, both sides agree that certain cases always have to be reported. incest, sexual abuse of a child by an adult, so if that child under 16 has had sex with an adult, meaning not another teenager, or sex involving a child 11 years old or younger. so you have got a girl coming in at 10 years old who needs an abortion, you have to report what happened to that girl. and phil cline said they weren't doing it. >> bill: planned parenthood didn't do that and that's why klein went after them and now the state is going after klein's law license for that
5:45 am
prosecution. we also one more element in this that the audience should know. we have reported this story fairly here. okay? we have reported it fairly. the assassination of tiller disgraceful, never should happen in america. but there are media organizations that are glorifying george tiller, making him to be a martyr. it is disgusting. >> it's not right. it's not right what happened to him but it is not right to ignore what he was doing. i don't care where you stand on abortion. whether you are pro-choice or pro-life,. >> bill: multimillionaire doing it. >> let me say you are talking about young girls who are aborting 29, 28, 25 week old pregnancies. are you kidding me? >> bill: that's right. when you hear a media organization glorifying tiller, just take note. miss megyn thank you as always in amendment movement the culture warriors will react to the klein situation and to president obama's repudiation of the defense of marriage act. the warriors are next. as a kid, i couldn't wait to ste on that i
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, the culture warriors lots to talk about today. joining us from new york fox news anchor margaret hoover and gretchen carlson. let's take the president's repudiation of the defense of marriage act first. are you surprised that he did that. >> absolutely not. not surprised at all. the one thing i got from this whole thing is that he told you the truth during the super bowl interview. he said to you that he, in fact, had not moved to the center. and this move means that he hasn't moved to the center. this is totally a political ploy to get the left back in his court. >> bill: do you believe as kelly put forth that he is overstepped his bounds, that as president that he has now gone into an area of saying well, i think
5:50 am
it's unconstitutional so we are not going to enforce it? >> yeah. and it's not the first time. >> bill: is there something wrong with that. >> i do believe it's a power grab and it's not the first time because let's remember that president obama anointed at least 30 czars during the last two years. so that, to me, was also a power grab. not that other presidents haven't done the same thing but i thought that her analysis of what would happen with health care reform if you had a republican president in 2012 was a great analogy. >> bill: all right. how could you see it, hoover? >> i liked megyn's response a lot. if you are a real constitutional conservative and you believe the federal government should have limited powers over the state the reality is marriage and family law has always been things that are determined and instituted the province of the states and the states alone. so dome that, the defense of marriage act itself was a massive power grab by the federal government to try continue to setter itself into an area where really states ought to have dominance. this is a states rights issue. i agree you know you, you can't just not enforce a law.
5:51 am
what president obama is doing is doing a political play to appeal to his base getting ready for 2012 and frankly reflect ago seed change in opinion in american people. but i agree. there has got to be a process for enforcing laws. you can't say i'm not going to litigate that law anymore. we a constitution. >> bill: do you think, hoover, that the president is being disrespectful to the rule of law? >> i don't agree with the process. i'm not sure if i would go as far as saying disrespectful to the rule of law. i agree that doma is unconstitutional. >> bill: i know what you agree on and americans are free to make up their own minds but you go through the legislative process there. you don't have some guy saying i don't like it so i'm going to tell my aj department not to challenge anything that comes into court. almost like the legalization of drugs thing. let's get on to cline, carlson. look, everybody knows how i feel about this cline. i think he did the right thing here. i know is he a pro-life man. and, you know, we know he had an
5:52 am
agenda. but i will tell you what, what this tiller was doing out there, it turns my stomach. i have to say. how do you see it? >> i see it that actually there were more cases than what you were discussing with megyn. our numbers show that there were 249 cases of girls who were 14 years old and younger. >> bill: where do those numbers come. >> from from the producers at the o'reilly factor, the producers we were working with today. the producers may be higher than what was originally reported. that is only in an 18 month span. you mentioned there was a 10-year-old girl there. listen, why would planned parenthood not report this? why would tiller's office not report this? >> bill: because they know that there would be, you know, more scrutiny brought upon them. they didn't want it. >> there is a loophole in the law. >> bill: it's as simple as that. how do you see it, hoover? >> the reality is, first, abortion is a tragedy always and especially if you have 250 girls 14 and under getting abortions, that is a tragedy.
5:53 am
the reality is it's also legal in the state of kansas. and. >> bill: not really, there is a legality of this was in question and it had to go to the court process. flat out thing the case would have been thrown out immediately and it wasn't. >> the abortion itself was legal. what your friend cline was going after was statutory rape because the girls were under 16. >> bill: and late term. there is a late term component. >> not all necessarily late term. parental notification in kansas. all of those girls had to have their parents know and had to have their parents consent unless they got a court bypass. if you believe that families should help take care of problems you had appropriate measures in place also. >> bill: all right, ladies, thanks very much. pinheads and patriots on deck tonight starring "the today show" cast getting down or something. right back with p and p. n,n,n,n,
5:54 am
5:55 am
. >> bill: pinheads and patriots starring jenna push in a moment. but stirs a great deal only a couple days left. i want to thank premium members. we've had lively no spin news segments this week. now the mail:
5:56 am
>> bill: as the wife of an contractor who has not been able to get out of libya, i
5:57 am
support president obama using discretion. >> bill: i tend to see it that way too angela, we all have freewill. but there is pen tall illness and that complicates these matters. >> your donations -- donations to the fisher house have now reached up to $700,000. check it out on the fisher house helps military families with housing when their loved ones are rehabilitating in the hospital. >> as you may know jenna bush works on the today show. for some reason she tried to teach some kind of dance this
5:58 am
morning. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bill: is that exposition pinheaded or patriotic? please vote on i was on the set of "glee" last night after seeing those professionals and that. pretty frightening. i want to thank all the "glee" people. >> martin sheen believes his son has a disease. >> the disease of addiction is a form of cancer. you have to have an equal measure of concern and love and lift them up. that's what we do for him.
5:59 am
>> bill: 58% believe mr. seen's opinion is pinheaded. 42% say it is patriotic. that is it for us tonight. fame a town if you wish to opine when writing to us do not be meretricious. >> tgif, everyone. it is friday, february 25, 2011. i'm gretchen carlson. fox news alert for you this morning. teachers unions delivering a major blow in wisconsin. >> there are 51 yeas, the bill is passed. >> but the battle is far from over. the state senate has to approve this bill and they can't do that with democrats on the lam. >> meanwhile, first he tried to kill him, now he wants to pay him. libya's le


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